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Help! Our property is eroding into the Lake!

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Dear Billy:

Billy Scott, President and Owner of LKN Turf.

Billy Scott, President and Owner of LKN Turf.

Can your company help with a severe problem that we have with the empty lot that we own beside of our property from running into Lake Norman?

– Stressed in Huntersville

Dear Stressed:

The short answer is “yes”.

We certainly can help and have designed, managed and implement many projects such as you have described over the years.

First, I would need to stop in and view the property to make an accurate assessment of what needs to happen.

Second, we would need to review what kind of restrictions there may be for the property given local laws and regulations.

Once that we have agreed on the solution, our team will get to work to make it right as quickly as possible.


Billy Scott, LKN Turf

Billy Scott is the Owner/President of Lake Norman Turf, Inc. and can be reached for questions via his contact page located here. Ask Billy at LKN Turf is a compilation of questions and answers from actual customers or inquiries from the web. 



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